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What's the difference between professional toughened glass customization and ordinary glass?


Release time:2019-02-26

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With people's increasing demands on life, toughened glass came into being and appeared in different corners of life: many are used toughened glass, touch switch toughened glass, touch electronic lock toughened glass panel, touch Tianguan toughened glass panel, bus high-speed rail brush card steel.Where are the differences between toughened glass and ordinary glass, such as toughened glass panels, KTV touch toughened glass panels, watches, camera glass, channel identification card toughened glass panels, intelligent electrical appliances toughened glass panels, decorative toughened glass panels, step toughened glass? What are the characteristics of toughened glass? Today, we Haoyi Optical Glass Manufacturer come to give you a science popularization:

Tempered glass is a kind of glass after heat treatment, which is characterized by the formation of compressive stress layer on the surface of glass, the improvement of mechanical strength and heat shock resistance, and the special fragmentation state. Toughened glass has about five times the load-carrying capacity of ordinary glass, but like other kinds of glass, it breaks when affected by external forces such as collision and scratch. The edge of tempered glass is the most sensitive and weak part of external force. When the tempered glass is broken, it will make a huge noise, and the debris will be granular and scattered everywhere. Fragments of tempered glass do not have sharp angles. The common glass will form sharp fragments after breaking and may cause serious damage.
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