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Technical support
    Technical support
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    Release time:2019-02-26

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    Chief Technical Officer: Jiang Sheng

    Service telephone:138 2435 0796

    Initial Consultant: Master Ouyang

    Service telephone:152 2006 6021

    CNC Technology: Master Yu

    Service telephone:176 0300 8086

    Imitation Technology: He Shifu

    Service telephone:188 9979 4456

    Drilling technology: Master Yi

    Service telephone:177 2261 1163

    Cleaning technology: Master Li

    Service telephone:176 8791 6489

    Packaging Technology: Ms. Liu

    Service telephone:135 3406 8652

    Quality: Mr. Xu

    Service telephone:175 3035 1390

    If the product quality and technology are in doubt, we welcome the partners who need to call for consultation. The company will adhere to the principle of "people-oriented, service first" to answer customers.

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